What to Build Next?


I've been trying to figure out what I can build next to improve my programming skillset. I started thinking about the properties of what I've written to figure out what I'm missing.

So far I've only written things that had no rigid specification and were very flexible as far as function. I need to see how I do writing software according to how it is supposed to function as defined by somebody else. I need to, for example, implement an API.

This should be fun! I've decided on the twtxt registry api. It's a microblogging platform 'for hackers', that's decentralized and based on flat text files. It looks like it could be a gentle introduction to implementing an API, as the API isn't terribly complex.

I'll leave the repository private for now, then open it up when I have something substantial fleshed out. It'll be at github.com/gbmor/getwtxt. As in GET /twtxt, like an http request.