The Golang Post


I can't recall ever being this completely enthralled with programming. I've always had an interest in it, but lately, I can't stop writing code. It seems as though everything is a nail right now.

In the past two months I've spent hours on, leetcode, and codewars trying to brush up my skills with basic algorithmic thinking.

In the past 11 days I've spent between 80 and 100 hours working on what began as ostensibly a wiki engine that is now being used to power this blog.

I think a big part of it was discovering a language that is a joy to both read and write, and is based on concepts and idiomatic code that are easy to grok. Sure, a lot of people have discussed its shortcomings at length, but as of right now, those shortcomings haven't come into play to hold me back. I'm sure they will eventually, as my skills improve, but not right now.

In the future, many years from now, I'll remember Golang as the language that reignited my passion for creating software. I'm already mapping out where I'll go next. I want to brush up on C, especially considering how easy it is to interop with Go. I also want to give Rust another try. Maybe the learning curve won't feel as steep now that I've taken some steps with Go. In any case, I'm not going to stop learning.